Second Stage (optional)

campusOver the phone and/or by email, or regular mail, we provide consultation and support during the entire course of the college application/admission process, with regard to the following:

  • Personal and telephone admission interviews
  • Extracurricular choices and options
  • Essay writing and editing
  • Letters of recommendation
  • General and specific admission strategies
  • General and specific financial aid strategies
  • Any other reasonable request for legal, financial, academic, psychological, philosophical and extra-curricular advice and follow-up.


US $1500 (payable in advance)

If you wish for us to visit you and/or your family, the client pays out of pocket travel expenses. However, the vast majority of our clients are provided excellent service, without in-person meetings.

If fees quoted for either or both of the two stages of counseling are too high for the family’s budget, please contact Richard directly to arrange for a scaled back fee schedule.