About Dr. Richard V. Campagna


Richard V. Campagna has degrees from Brown University (B.A.), New York University (M.A.), Saint John’s University (J.D.), Columbia University (M.A.), and the American College of Metaphysical Theology (Ph.D.), and is a Returning Scholar at the University of Chicago.

Campagna has been involved in the field of education, at increasingly responsible levels for the past 33 years, since his graduation from Brown University at the age of 19 years old. He has been in the roles of undergraduate student, professor, graduate student, law student, law professor, MBA professor, and has served as a member of college and university Boards of Governors and Trustees. He has also served as an alumni interviewer and coordinator. He is a public speaker and the author of numerous books and monographs including “The Optimistic Existentialist” and “Existentialism & Personal, Professional, and Political Freedom.” If you are interested in obtaining copies of these books or in arranging for a book signing/autograph session, please contact Odalys Perez-Medina at the contact points mentioned herein.

Multi-lingual skills possessed by Richard include Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Papiamento and Russian.