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For high school students seeking the highest level of undergraduate education at institutions to which they can gain admission, or college students or grads seeking a similarly ranked law school, grad school or other professional school, my unique service is, quite frankly, unbeatable. The system utilized is a proven one, which has withstood the test of time.

How does our system work??

It is a flexible, optimistic, pragmatic, inexpensive system which is composed of two stages:

  • First Stage – After a deliberative consultation period, over the phone, electronically or in person, we will work together to develop a list of ten schools to which the student will apply. Learn more about the first stage.
  • Second Stage (optional) – I will provide consultation and support during the entire course of the college application/admission process, including but not limited to admission interviews, essay writing, and financial aid strategies. Learn more about the second stage.

What’s New

Sequins Rings

You can’t believe how coveted and appreciated are my existential sequins rings. They are in great demand because they represent the true meaning of love and friendship at an incredibly low cost. If you do nothing else with my “optimistic existential” program, contact me and arrange to obtain for one of these beauties, for yourself and/or a loved one. They are the rage of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois and soon to be, the world at large.

It’s funny how existential optimism twists and turns throughout the lifetime. I am doing a lot of hands on, self-disclosive counseling for people in my age range as to how to retire and utilize existential principles and approaches to life and to earning a living. It seems that a lot of younger people are going down this path as well. You know where to contact me. Contact points have not changed. Kind regards to all.

These existentially optimistic speeches/seminars/and/or counseling sessions are working out very nicely for me and for the attendees. Low key, virtually cost free and lots of love, peace and fun along the way.
I still think the YELP speech/conversation is the best vehicle for transmitting my philosophy and practical game plan for college and career and personal counseling.
Can’t believe I haven’t thought of this sooner. A simple, no frills presentation explaining college and career counseling and life in general through the acronym Y E L P! Just inquire how this simple technique can change your life!The above heading speaks for itself. Have been visiting the following colleges in my home state of Iowa- Grinnell, Simpson, Cornell, Coe, Luther and like what I see. However, with the student loan bubble, changing job and career market and so much more going on, traditional modes of analysis must be re-considered.

Add counseling during periods of unemployment and retirement at the same very low and flexible college/career counseling rates. These are unique times and I’ve weathered the storms as well as enjoyed the clear sailing.
Some very exciting things are happening in the world of college and career counseling. I can see that in the choices that my counselees are making and the results they have been obtaining. The changing world of economics, careers and education is exciting and releasing. Hope you check in with me in the new year to explore same. Same low rates with the same high level of commitment and energy. Peace to all.

The last posting is even more true than ever. This is particularly so as current events impact upon student lending, undergraduate education and graduate/post graduate studies. My fees remain extremely low, as described hereinbelow. My advice and recommendations as regards financing undergraduate and graduate studies are changing rapidly. Even the choice of schools is in tremendous flux.

A mere decade ago I could not have contemplated that we would be in the situation we are in today!

Richard is expanding his personal consulting practice, both in Iowa City and elsewhere. By appointment. $100.00 per hour, billed in increments of 15 minutes after the first hour.
Travel and meals/lodging costs reimbursable if consultation occurs outside of Iowa City area.

is a changin’- fast and furiously. Take a deep breath, toss out virtually all of your stereotypes about yourselves and your family members and choose a college based upon your true desires, financial constraints and other personal factors. It’s a new world. This comes from the most structured, traditional college, grad school, professional school student and advisor you who ever existed…….

More to follow…………